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Connecting all parties in medical marketing process through frictionless platform, for better information, education, notification, and promotion. Our cloud-native platform delivers reliable, secure, high-quality data and control that is easy to use, manage, and deploy, provides a measurable return on investment, is scalable, and easily integrates with current systems and applications.

First unified prescription platform that ties it all together

MED-REP integrates education, prescription, promotion and messaging, into one reliable, easy-to-use solution. This comprehensive platform not only saves costs and delivers the synergy of linking various modes of communication, but also eliminates the complicated management issues, unwieldy payments issues, and cumbersome cost tracking associated with different accounts (doctors, pharmacists).

Scalability, mobility, and ease of management

To compete in today’s economy, organizations must be nimble as workforces are mobile, dispersed, and insist on simple, reliable technology experiences. Vendors needs to find efficiencies in prescription systems in order to free up resources to support growth or other strategic initiatives.

Instant access to the latest information and publication

With native desktop, mobile and tablet support, all known operating systems, MED-REP platform is constantly innovating to ensure users can quickly and easily transition among all modes and needs of collaboration. With MED-REP, the latest information, data, publications, presentations, videos, are continually integrated into your product’s pages enabling instant access by all the doctors on the platform, 24/7, all year round.

It’s time to think about your collaboration flow differently

MED-REP customers have embraced the future, transforming the way they present in meetings, interviews, sales opportunities, and trainings. Email and Internet usage have increased with the adoption of MED-REP platform, but visits are still needed to business collaborations. MED-REP is changing the culture of modern pharmaceutical companies, and it’s time to think about your collaborations flow differently.

see what customers are saying?

We increased pressure on marketing & sales people to engage their prospects and customers with relevant insights. Digital communication has become a powerful tool for engaging in long-term value- and relationship- building.


This All-in-One Prescription / Education / Promotion Platform is the best way to give my best to my patients. Supporting desktop, mobile and tablet use, 24/7, from any location, FREE to use, I can create Prescriptions and Recommendations, whilst Learn, Search and Review at the same time. Through MED-REP, every prescription counts.


With this integrated Platform, we increased turnover & profit with ease. With the built-in product information and data, we were able to increase conversions and sales even further!


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MED-REP platform provides a completely integrated, unique, cloud-based prescriptions solution, designed to accommodate modern business interactions that include supporting distributed and mobile workforces. The platform, which has been in development since 2017 and is used by doctors, vendors and pharmacies, provides enterprise-grade reliability and security.

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